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My Favorite Business Tool, Mind Map

WHAT IS A MIND MAP? (From G.R.A.C.E. Keys to Entrepreneurship) pages 110 and 111

mind-map-link“As I wrote in the beginning of this chapter I am so SOLD on the value of Mind Mapping in the business planning world that I traveled to Europe to become a Think Buzan licensed Instructor (Mind Mapping). I think it is the most exciting business planning tool in the world today. Actually if I were to tech school again I would teach Mind Mapping in all of my subject areas. I studied with Tony Buzan the inventor of Mind Mapping, with people from all over the world. I became even more convinced that Mind Mapping is the best technique in the universe for business planning.”

“The basic rules for making a Mind Map are simple. You have bubbles and connectors. You start with a central idea, write it down in the center of the page and surround it with a circle. Voila, step one complete. Next draw branch from the bubble. Now what are some related ideas that you want to explore? Make a new branch for each idea, and link it to the center. Use different colors for each branch. Start to develop your secondary ideas with new branches and connect them. No idea should be floating out in space; it should always have at least one connection.”

Quote from Tony Buzan

“Mind Mapping replicates the way our brains think and the way we absorb information. When we think of any idea, our mind instantly starts connecting this to other images, thoughts and concepts. So why do we force ourselves to make notes, plan and create in a way that our brain doesn’t like?”

Please click on the Mind Mapping box. It will take you over to the Think Buzan website and you can read more about Mind Mapping and even have a free week’s trial of the software. I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE. It is easy, easy, easy to use—I  used it on my very first try and I am very much not good at computers!!!!! I love this software and it is also very inexpensive. Anyway you can give it a free trial if you would like to really get a feel what Mind Mapping is all about.

Think Buzan has allowed me to share a couple of their Mind Maps showing possible business uses. Many, huge companies such as Disney are teaching Mind Mapping to their employees. Nearly every major company in this country has sent executives to the ThinkBuzan training. You will see this when you go to their website. Disney also teaches Mind Mapping at their Disney Institute. Truly it is an invaluable planning tool in retail, on line stores, dental and medical and legal offices-actually I think every business in the world would benefit from Mind Mapping new ideas for growth or improvement. It is being used in schools all over the country for study skills and thinking skills. It would be perfect for planning any new volunteer efforts to make organizations more effective and to figure out how to do more outreach. It is perfect for planning a vacation!!! You do not have to have the software to do Mind Mapping. You can simply use colored pencils as you will see I did on my Martha Pullen Mind Map (see the section above).

Click on the images below to see a much larger version of it.

sales-startegy-mindmap Martha Pullen Mind Map project-planner-mindmap


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