Starting Out Isn’t Easy, So Let Me Help


“For nothing is impossible with God.”
– Luke 1:37
“My early experiences in business were rocky to say the least. Why I think that if people knew how many blunders, both big and small, I’ve made on my journey to building a business, they might think twice about coming to me for advice on how to sell a simple pitcher of lemonade. You can be quite certain that when I first hung that ‘We’re Open’ sign on the front door, I had no idea how much work lay ahead of me.

And yet, with God’s guidance, the support of my husband and family( and an army of others), some long hours and very hard but fulfilling work, and perhaps a certain amount of stubborn determination, I have been very successful. All along the way, our MPC team, customers, and mentors have taught me so much about what it means to run a successful business. For that reason, I’ve decided to dispense a little advice of my own. My sincere hope is to pass along the lessons that I’ve learned along the way, to save others the trouble, so they can achieve personal success that much quicker — and with far fewer bumps than I encountered.

I know it’s not easy. According to the SBA, almost half of all small businesses fail in their first five years. Some of those businesses were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and others invested unwisely in too much equipment or inventory. But I’d guess that a majority of those unlucky business owners were simply unprepared. They hadn’t fully considered their plans, or they had no idea what lay ahead.

I believe that such oversights happen with greater frequency among those of us who have decided to turn our hobbies into a business. There’s something bewitching about following your passion and making money that blinds you to the thornier realities of business. You become so enamored of your hobby, for one reason or another, that you’re biased to make bad decisions, putting your business at risk right from the start. At bottom it is a simple failure to recognize that everyone may not appreciate what you find so compelling about your hobby.“

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