Marketing Excerpt from G.R.A.C.E.


“Marketing is nothing more than the art of selling things. It is all the different strategies and techniques that you might use to sell your products. In practical terms, that boils down to making people aware that you exist, and that your product is worth buying.

In today’s world it is no longer enough to make a great product. People are often too busy and distracted to look too hard for anything. If you want to run a successful business, you must be working just as hard at finding ways to attract customers to your product. You need to get people aware of you, thinking about you, telling others about you, and coming to visit you.

If marketing is not a central part of your business strategy from the very beginning, you’re probably missing a great opportunity. No matter how much effort you spend on your products, your business will not grow if no one knows about you. No matter how brilliant your customer service strategy, or how polished your people skills, none of it will do you a bit of good until you get customers in the door. Without customers, you don’t really have a business.”

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