Ann Givens

To my friend and Mentor:

My first knowledge of Martha was when she was a retail shop owner. My husband would drive me to Huntsville to shop for laces and heirloom fabric. (A 5 ½ hour drive) Then when she began having heirloom sewing schools my friend and I would try not to miss a one. I only had a Bernina 930 at the time but learned to do more than I ever expected I could. Martha has always treated everyone as though they were her best friend and believed they were.

I remember being at a school when my friend said we need to have a shop in our area and teach others what we have learned here. And so it happened some 23 years ago. I opened my shop. I have never stop learning from Martha and her wonderful staff. I would not be in business if not for Martha.

Ann Givens
Southern Sewing Center
Columbus, GA

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